What is Sixaxis Controller App

Sixaxis controller is a free application with which you can utilize the Playstation 3 controller to control any Android diversion as though you were seeing it on the TV screen rather than your cellphone.

To have the capacity to utilize this application you should run a progression of generally complex charges with the goal that the Android terminal will perceive the Playstation summon, however once it is done you can associate up to four controllers.

The application will give you a chance to arrange all the control components, including the simple stick, by which we can serenely control diversions like Street Fighter or Need for Speed.

Moreover, as an exceptional reward, you have finish mouse copying, for which you can design a programmed actuation catch in the terminal.

Sixaxis Controller is a special instrument in light of the fact that ordinarily on the off chance that you are holding a Playstation 3 controller, it implies you need to play on the Playstation 3, not the cellphone. Despite this, it can offer a fascinating background.

For trying Sixaxis Controller APK:
Try this link: https://www.techturks.com/download-install-sixaxis-controller-apk/

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